Sunday, October 12, 2014

Totally unboatly

It's been a while since I posted an unboatly post. This post is. Sort of. For other (vaguely boatly) reasons I visited a skiing area in SL. Skiing is kinda fun in SL. I used to go to something called Wolf Mountain. Dunno if it's still there, but that's a sidetrack. While I was there I had a look at the local houses, and they were pretty amazing. I wonder if any interior decorators use SL for prototyping...
A relaxing swim?
This bath installation looks nice. I'd like to have one of those in RL. Rip aside the curtains and there's a fantastic view to snow covered mountains. In SL you can go dancing too, and sometimes there's even a dresscode. There would be a sign saying "formal attire" at the entrance. That kinda calls for some makeup, right? Someone told me that girls do stuff to their faces that a car salesman would be sent to prison for doing.
The virtual chemist labotratory!
There's no reason to stand in front of the virtual mirror, because the clever geeks at Linden Labs haven't figured out how to make a virtual mirror. Or so I think. Never seen one anyway. Instead it is just a click of a button, and you've applied makeup for a disco party, a rave or a formal dinner.
The virtual makeup corner
So here's a shot of the virtual makeup corner. I didn't break that screen there on the floor. Really. It wasn't me. When the makup is done, it's time to go chase a suitable dress. The virtual closet here looks almost too tidy, but then again there are no doors, so it has to be kept very orderly.

Pick a dress
Again it looks so nice. I wanna have one. Maybe IKEA could use stuff like this to make presentations. Surely it is easier and much cheaper than using some kind of pro 3d studio thing, and the customer can sit at home and walk through it all. The furniture shops could even be inspired by some of the creativity found in SL.
A sweet guest bed
This here is a supersweet guest bed solution. I've never seen it in RL, but would I like to have one? Oh yes... I will start looking for a closet like this; See if I can get it installed with a bed. Would be sooo much fun. And cozy... Just imagine... after a crazy night out with loads of hangovers... what bliss to be able to hide in that thing... Suddenly I feel sleepy? OMG is it sunday already? Gotta run...


  1. I've been wondering for a while why I don't see businesses in RL using SL for marketing fashion and household stuff.

    1. Yeah! Isn't that just strange. I was in IKEA the other day, and they were able to draw my kitchen, but not nearly as good as in SL. Perhaps SL needs better standard building blocks such as hinges. I can't really see the IKEA staff coding a door for the dishwasher to make it open. Prims are maybe too primitive?


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