Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Ten revisited

Here's a few shots of that new Ten. I talked to Manul, the builder, and he told me there are  a few small adjustments besides the updated sailing engine. If these changes are cosmetic they sure are hard to see. I am not even sure which on is which:
An old and a new Ten
The boat is still extremely pretty under sail, as these next few pictures clearly show. First there's the helicopter view made with no helicopter...
Then there's the sideview made with no side, - ehm... no zodiac. SL is amaing! It's like having a gopro on an endless stick.
The sailing is nice and it is much more interesting than the first edition. Mind you, this is a Bwind 2.x, whereas the first Ten was a... was it a 1.37 or so? Dunno. I never really sailed the first Ten.
No sheets?
There are no sheets, so if you're a sucker for sheets this will surely break your bubble. Can you sail on and not be distracted by the missing sheets, then the Ten is a beautiful cruiser. No doubts. Bear in mind the Ten was originally designed back when almost no boats had sheets...
Ten for two and two for...
Victor joined me as I sailed around the Blake Sea. So here's the obligatory shot with the race rock in the back. We had a nice lil talk about boats and sailing engines. The Ten and the Bwind 2.x is in fact updated as you can see in the next shot...
Luffing sails
See? Luffing sails! So it's actually quite sailable without using a hud. Smooth sailing is what the Ten does best. We cruised around for a while - just enjoying the boat...
Lobsters anyone?
Almost stopped for a lobster, but we decided to check out the boat just a bit more. Turns out it has more tricks... The jib can be winged, which is really nice on a cruise where you sometimes just wanna stay on course...
All in all this is a much improved version of the Ten. It is super easy to sail, super nice looking and it's just made for smooth sailing with a friend. Definately worth a try if you're into cruising.


  1. If only the v2 was available as the v1.37 as a builders kit.

    1. True. That would be nice but it is Beccas decision to make.

  2. So ill stay with the only true engine that is full perms, is not laggy and works with mesh sails. B wind v137.1

  3. Cause untill you show me a fizz engine that works on mesh sails, that engine is completely outdated with the new rendering engine (See the terrible effects of the sails with alm on and you know what i mean).
    And i will not trade the graphics and overall improvements made along the years by ll that will culminate with cdn and http connections for dated engines that will not work anymore as they did once.
    And the lucky few that managed to have the v2 and did already made it work with mesh sails, well they have their secrets well hidden.

  4. Btw, the ten was raced by the Cnf on Staurday, 3 races of 3 laps each and it handled very well, hope to see more races using it as it is a really great boat, even if does not uses wwc!


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