Thursday, October 2, 2014

Send in the buoys

Soft, big, bouncy and very visible ones. I am talking about buoys here. Race buoys! Buoys that won't bring you to a complete and abrupt stop if you hit them. Buoys that will be pushed aside if you hit them, - as if they were really anchored. Oh, and they should be visible from a big distance.
What'¨s that there?
Here's one I've been playing with. It's nowhere near finished or anything, but it is big, visible and it will slowly seek back to it's position if pushed away from there. 
Takes a bit of balance to do this
What else? Ahh, yes... it should talk to the weather system and display the current as a trail in the water. Just like a real buoy. Maybe even make a huge sound when someone hits it. Anything else? Maybe glow at night?

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  1. Why now? I just spent money on buoys a couple days ago and blogged about the # 69 marker in Triumphal :(
    But thx for sending me some, will play with 'em.


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