Monday, August 26, 2013

Topmark roundings

This one's pretty fresh too. Same event actually. Two boats approaching the top mark. Green on port tack enters the zone clear ahead. Yellow on starboard tack hits green as Green tacks right in front of Yellow.
Top mark blues
The collision at position 3 was hardly unavoidable, but Yellow would need to luff pretty wildly to avoid hitting Green in the back. Almost no damage. Green protests! What did the jury say, and what should green and yellow have done?


  1. Usually, in daily traffic Green could be accused of altering course and tacking into Yellow's path. But this is a race, so ...

    Green entered the zone first!

    End of story for Yellow.

    1. Oh geeze. I hope I never meet Orca on the race course.

    2. LOL. I guess Orca got caught in the zone trap.

  2. The zone entry matters little here. Green tacks in the zone, so I'd DSQ Green for breaking rule 18.3. Yellow is close hauled and fetching. Perhaps Green also broke rule 15. If there is damage, Yellow should be DSQ too. Yellow could have luffed to avoid collision.

  3. Yep. Yellow should have avoided the collision and protested Green. Green, by entering the zone on Port has zero rights.

    Dumb and Dumber! Feed both of 'em to the lions! Green was dumb to not give way (could have easily ducked Yellow's stern) and Yellow was dumber to clack into to Green's transom. I just hope neither boat was pretty, varnished wood...

  4. George and Netrom got it right. The jury DQed Green for breaking 18.3. They almost DQed Yellow for breaking 14, but then they saw the tiny scratch and chose not to. Rule 15 was not needed, but I know the jury discussed if Yellow had a chance to avoid impact.


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