Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ernestina meshed up

I was just in for a short break at Tradewinds YC, when I saw a familiar hull. Masts, sails, fittings and everything else was missing, but it looked pretty much like the Ernestina hull. I walked over there and sure enough. It was the Ernestina.
The Ernestina will be meshed
The Ernestina is a world famous Schooner, - at least in SL. Here's a gallery by her builder from sometime in 2008. She's been blogged numerous times. Jane Fosset took some great pictures and told the story of the virtual Ernestina back in 2009. She looked amazing already in 2008, and it will be fantastic to see the level of detail that's possible with mesh. I'll keep an eye on the boat yard...


  1. WOOTS, I love it!

  2. Cool news, Noodle! Can't wait to see mesh version of the classic schooner. Let's hope, that its "prim count" could be low enough for sailing. :)


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