Thursday, August 8, 2013

That question

So... The times of wonderful summer cruises are over. At least for 2013. It's august, and it's back to work. Some call it the chaingang, others call it the treadmill. Whichever name you prefer, it is true that it's somewhat of a transition: From a mindset of complete laissez faire to a stressfull workday with goals, deadlines and bosses bossing you around.
Relaxing in Havna
I've been offline for almost a full month. No phones, very little internet, just a few papers and lots of water. It's most recommendable. After a few hectic days back at work, it's great to hop online and just sit and relax in Havna. I think I'll go there for a sail one of these days. It kinda reminds me of Nyhavn i Copenhagen, except Havna is more quiet.
Beautiful Berdav cruiser
I found this beautiful Berdav cruiser. It looked very inviting, so I sat there and just enjoyed a magical moment. No stress, no people, just me, the waves and the virtual sun-up to the east. That's when that question popped up. Not fair actually. I mean, I am just back from my vacation, and this question usually pops up some time in february. I tried to make it go away, but I couldn't...
The question is
The question is: Why don't I sail more. Right now it is raining in RL, so it is more of a work day than a sail day. The thing is, this question is pushing for an answer, which I cannot provide. I begin to fear that I'll have to make changes so that I can sail more. RL & SL. The more I think about it, the more it seems right. Sailing is the answer to so many questions.
The answer is
Hmm. I'll start planning for more sailing today. No wait. No time for that today. I'll set a deadline for when I start making plans for more sailing. Hmmm. It is nice to get back to work, but sometimes the vacation mindset just won't leave. That makes it hard work gettting back to work, dont' you think?

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  1. Oyoyoy, I hear you, Nudel. Although I left the treadmill long ago I still can relate to your dilemma. The uncomfortable but sole answer to your question is this:

    Spare time doesn't come by itself, you gotta grab it! You gotta plan it (gosh, I hate that word) and use it while you have the opportunity. When I was still working there were always some colleagues and bosses trying to hand a project to me on the last day, in the last minute. In those cases we have to become bitches and learn to say "NO! Sorry Boss, I'm on my way out, my head's already in the clouds. You don't want me on that new project team. You don't want me to start this and that today when tomorrow I'm already on safari/beach/boat. I just finished all my stuff here and am prepared for a clean cut so I can enjoy my vacations. I'll be back in 4-6 weeks time on the [fill date in here] and then I'm ready for hard work and you can throw at me whatever you fancy. But now let me finish up here, the rest of my last workday is already scheduled out to the last minute. CYA laterz ..."

    I guess that's the only way: plan ahead and be flexible just the same. It's the weekend and a good opportunity to work on new computer setups for the whole office (since you're all alone and nobody else there to stand in your way). Yeah, why not come in on Sunday and do it? If you don't have anything else to do it's perfect. So logically in winter time I have no problems being flexible. In summertime I expect my employer to show a bit of flexibility as well.


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