Friday, October 2, 2015

Wooden boatshow

There's a wooden boatshow running at Tradewinds. Boats started to arrive a couple of days ago, and now the marina is almost full. I am pretty sure Ahab will be running in circles later today to organize it all.
Wooden oldtimers
There's a handfull of those oldtimers with creaking sounds, many masts, cockroaches and bow spirits, but there are also classics such as 12meters and the Cotton Blossom.
Classics from the 30ies
If these are too big for you, - there are also quite a few smaller boats; Still classics but just not as classy as a 12 meter. Anything from the small Leetlecat to the Shields.
Smaller boats too
... and if that isn't enough there's a couple of giants too... Two wooden Js... Yes, wooden J-boats do exist. Shamrock is one RL J-class that's wooden. Of the older ones - from before 1900 - some were also wooden. Oh, and the new ones aren't all steel... This could be Craig Ktabas Vanya... Even the bronze ones were wooden as they were only tobin bronze plated. The hull itself was wooden.
Pirate ships - guns and everything are both wooden , classics and gigantic. These boats are fantastic builds with so many accurate details it is absolutely breathtaking. Not old enough? There are two vikingships on display too. One of which I have sailed.

Should you want to relax with a boat that runs when you turn the key, this is it:
I've seen quite a few very classy powerboats in SL. Currently there are only two of them at the show. I hope this changes. Yes they stink and they're noisy, but the woodwork still looks amazing.

So here's to a great weekend; If you dunno what to do... pop by and check out the boatshow. Cheers!


  1. Thank you, found an awesome cute lil wooden stink boat I didn't know existed. It has very little fluff, no snuggle or nookie poses which is awesome since it ploughs through sim crossings flawlessly. its a bit expensive but well worth it if you actually like making them go!

    1. Which one, please? I may need one such boat in the near future...

  2. that Sinplicity Libelle in the last pic they have a demo rezzer in world, and a freeby doohickey that adds another 30ish paints.
    I feel a bit silly gushing over a stink boat, but this one makes me smile big. and it does have a few extra poses but it still pops through sim crossings so very easy especially considering its speed


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