Friday, October 30, 2015

Spooks at Tradewinds

Whoohooo... or is it uhuuuuu? I really dunno. It's that time of year again. Spook-time. Spooks, coffins, skeletons and all kinds of bloody outfits are everywhere... Strangely enough kids seem to love it! That goes for the playfull minds in SL as well...
Halloween at Tradewinds
Ahab has been busy again. Not long ago he had the wooden boat show running. Now, it's all about Halloween at Tradewinds. There's all sorts of boats dressed in Halloween suits. Sails and hulls. Pumpkins everywhere.
Boats dressed up
It's quite a view. Too bad we cannot do this in RL. Well, we could, but it would be rather costly. Still, some ppl dress up their boats once a year in a crazy cruise from Copenhagen to Malmø. It's called ØRC. Google it and see how Danish sailors have fun.
Pirates reported
On the east coast of Tradewinds you'll find this "beautiful" tallship, complete with pirates, spooks and a giant squid. There are ehm... things inside, so it's lotsa fun to explore. This dude here I met on the lower deck. He seemed to be in a pretty good mood all things considered...
... and a bottle of rhum
There's another pirateship on the west side. It's not quite as covered with mushrooms, seaweed and other subsea-creatures, but... there's more action onboard. That skeleton thing there kept following me and pushing me around. Sadly, I couldn't get near the chest with the goldcoins... Hmmm... I suppose the Linden Exchange won't take them anyhow.
Would that be gold? I dunno!
In the sand dunes on the North side, there are all kinds of spookyness going on. I won't mention them all as this isn't a spoiler... Suffice to say: There's loads of stuff there to explore. If you dare.
What a cozy neighbourhood
Chests, weird sounds, a couple of bloody twins, a tiny chapel, more spooks, another happy couple and whats nuts. Back at the lighthouse I came across this particularly unlucky individual. I guess he's been sailing a bit too long... Maybe he forgot to bring his ships bisquits...
Allways bring charts and food
What else.. what else... Oh, there's a cute Flying Fizz, Halloween style, hehe. Here it is.
Flying Hallowizz
This next shot is what you'll see at the east pier by the lighthouse. A cannon and a skeleton... Watching the strait. He didn't fire that cannon while I was there, but I don't think anyone sailed by; Sit and wait for someone to pass and if you click the cannon it sends out a cannonball and a grey cloud of smoke.
The rest I'll leave to you, and trust me - there's loads more. If you are looking for a spooky weekend, then drop by Tradewinds YC at Dex, and see just how spooky it can get. Yo ho ho and a really spooky weekend to you all...

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