Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's J-day again

Another giant sailing beauty hits the waters of SL...
It's Ktaba's latest creation: The Maia. Words cannot describe this fantastic piece of virtual sailing art. It has to be seen and experienced in action.
There's like a billion details. Wires, ropes, winches and what's nuts, and since it's wooden it creaks like an old tree bending in the wind.
It's a fantastic machine. It's a magnificent ride. Thanx Craig. This is your best so far.


  1. The launch of the 'Maia' will take place at 1pm on Eden Tern, today (8th November). Everyone is welcome.

    Craig will give a speech and we'll have a little party whilst fans can ask him him questions about the yacht :)

    A vendor will be there and folk can pick up one of these wonderful yachts. There is a vendor for Joy's designs, and a model of Coco's beautiful sails. We will have a friendly race or two from the raceline at Eden Auk at about 2:30 pm SLT. The map for the race is there now (North Sea Loop). Wind SW 15Kts.

  2. It is some of a marvel to watch any of those boats in world even if i never sailed one and wish to know for those who did if it is possible to sail it without wearing any hud (be by some sort of hud on the boat , like b wind or bandit, or just by looking or hearing the sails or tell tails).


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