Saturday, November 1, 2014

Expert Fizzin

What a day for some Fizz cruising... Despite the palms this is somewhere in the North Sea. We're trying out the Fizz with most of the quirky details. Started in novice mode, stepped up a few times and here we're in expert mode, and we're doing great.
Rev and me in the North Sea
It usually takes a bit of practice sailing like this. Two people balancing the boat, trimming a sail each by watching the telltails, - and adjusting the power. The jib has sheets and traveller, whereas the main has sheet and outhaul. Some find it challenging and can't get enough. Others find it to way too complicated.
I like
If you are so lucky as to have someone on board that "gets it", it's the funride of the month. Sailing the Fizz in expert mode requires teamwork or you'll be in the drink before you can spell coordination. This ride was so much fun, and we only got dipped once. Thanx Rev. I enjoyed every minute of it.


  1. When one will be making mesh sails that will work with the fizz engine?
    Cause right now one has to decide if one wants to sail using the latest graphics developments or to sail the fizz! Meaning more directly that the sculpted sails will not rez when one is using advanced light management (alm), making it virtually impossible to sail and still enjoy the best.
    That problem will be solved if any that has enough talent, would redo the sculpted sails into mesh ones and for sure would make the fizz a lot more attractive nowadays for those who use a high end machine that can delivers the best of visuals.

  2. And yes, i do agree that on expert the fizz is still the best sl boat on sl.


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