Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dreaming of a white Laser

We just had snow again. Cold, beautiful and Christmas like. That's why the title is inspired by a very famous Christmas song.
A snow white and shiny Laser...
Anyway, this could be interesting. Looks pretty much like a Laser. A little pale, but aren't we all this time of year? Is it a white label product? Hardly.
So much attention to details
It is definately not the same Laser as the one I sailed in this post though. This one here has way more details. I just spotted one thing missing. Won't tell what it is, but feel free to guess. (I'll say yes/no).
More laser-sharp details
I'll keep an eye on this one for sure. Maybe two eyes even. Hopefully it will get an interesting sail engine, so we can race it for real;
Sailors perspective looks promising
Here's what it looks like from the sailors perspective. Not too bad, ehh? Just add that red wind arrow on the lower mast, and any real sailor will feel extremely comfortable with this.

I've also sailed a boat called "Racing Lil-Laser"; Not a true Laser replica, but it is one of the few boats that has a usable wind indicator. Lately we've seen the amazing upgraded Ktaba 20 with a really good windex. However, the best windvane I have seen in in SL, - it is the one found on the Shelly Fizz. That's the kinda windvane I'd like to see on the Laser too.


  1. YAY! What a fine build. Only thing missing is the replacement traveller in the back and, yes, the windfane. A bit more attention to the sail would be nice as well, some stitching seams and a window would heighten the realism even further.
    What engine is this now running on? I guess a fizzy script would be perfect. Oh, and of course a lot of added trimming with body weight.

  2. its Dutch new toy, its at the builders show at tradewinds, hence the absence of textures and an engine, but i know for a fact he is putting a lot of hours in it atm :)

    1. The textured version is simply amazing. Pics will appear real soon. Stay tuned :-D

  3. Noodle: The main sheet appears to just be a continuous loop. I can't sort out how it's supposed to work. Also, as anal as the Laser class is about being a strict one-design shouldn't the sheet be led up the boom from an aft bridle style traveler?

    I'm surprised that Tillerman isn't all over this. This would help him get in his resolved 100 days of laser sailing per year...

    1. Geeezzz, you're right. I totally missed that. It is even more obvious on the textured version. All the other lines run through a clamcleat, but the main sheet just runs around and around and around... Thanx for pointing that out.


      Perhaps Tillerman is out sailing for real, which - honestly - is much better?

  4. Yes, Tillerman probably already has his bag packed for some warm weather laser sailing destination. I think he's the kinda guy who's ready to go to St. Anywhere, any time...!

    1. Don't we all dream of doing that? If only reality wasn't so real :-D

  5. by the great looks of it i understand you guys forget this is still very much a work in progress, obviously the main sheet will be an animated part when its finished. I'm pretty sure Dutch knows what he is about ;-)

  6. First time I hear someone request this on a SL boat:

    "shouldn't the sheet be led up the boom from an aft bridle style traveler?"

    Yeah sure it should. That's one disadvantage of doing almost all the rigging on a laser correctly. People want the other bit too now :)

    There's limit's to what you can animate and make look good in SL though. I'm sure the really smart (/anal) people here also know the lines aren't supposed to actually go through the mast, but in front of it.

    It's SL, sometimes you have to cheat with reality a bit to make stuff possible.


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