Friday, January 25, 2013

65 feet of fun

This is just me out having some good old fashioned fun. Sixtyfive feet of fast and furious fun. Yay! So is it the size that matters? Actually no! It's the agility. It's the way it moves. This baby tosses and turns like no other boat. It is such a salty snack.
Entering the Blake Sea
Too much work and too much ice in RL! Gaaah. Sometimes I just need a good load of fresh and salty wind in my hair. I wouldn't mind a few sunrays either. So I browsed through my boats and something made me stop at the VO65. Clickety-click and it's moored right there beside me. Whoa, it is big.
Sharp-tooth isle in sunlight
It's huge actually, - and it so wants me to sit on it and just sail away. So I hopped on, raised sails, and set a south-westerly course. Only minutes after that I turned 90 degrees, and weeee! Found a good rythm: Got  soaking wet while tacking towards the Blake Sea. That's when I realized I haven't blogged much about the VO65er. Very little in fact. Since the 65er came out right after the VO70, the VO70 kinda got all the attention. That's not entirely fair. Especially since the 65er is better.
Fastnet Rock and seaspray
In fact the VO65 is all the VO70 is plus more. More features, more fun and more details. Besides, it sails like a dream. It is so agile and lively. You absolutely must stay focused every single second, - or you loose control. It turns so fast you can swing it around almost instantly. Kinda like the DS37 Matchracer.
Heading for Siracusa
It's a real pity there aren't any regular class boat races with this boat. It's truly flying. That's one of the few downsides of this boat. It is almost too fast for the virtual oceans, or the virtual oceans are too small for the VO65. Just like the Nacra 17. Same builder, same "flaws", hehe. Speaking about flaws... While this boat looks like a racer and sails like a racer, there is really no concept of currents and wave simulations, so old salts will probably find it a little dull in the long run. Too bad... boats like these are made for long runs, but with no local windshifts and other variations it's not really much fun to find the optimum route. This boats really needs WWC wind.
Full speed ahead
Still, it's a dream boat if you need some fast paced action with a truly salty taste; I know I do. The RL sailing season is far, far, much too far away. It's freezing friggin winter. Under those conditions the VO65 is a truly meditative trip, a supersalty injection shot right into the veins. The seaspray is so good you instinctively duck behind the computerscreen. Fifteen minutes round the Blake Sea and back to Tradewinds and the smile-o-meter says "wide". Ahh...

Update: I got an email saying these pics do a great job as desktop background... Thanx.

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