Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5 is out

There is a new iPhone out. It is pretty much like the old one, - only slightly better in a number of insignificant ways, and... most importantly: It is not waterproof. Duh! Being waterproff would have given the iPhone an edge. Now it is just another big-screen smartphone for indoor use only.
Out of fashion
I know... There's a million watertight cases and plastic bags, and some even come in fancy colours, but let's face it... An iPhone in a plastic bag will never be anything but out of fashion. Now that's too bad, but it gets  worse: iRegatta will be discontinued on Android by november 2012.

Well, the RL sailing season is coming to an end anyways, so I guess my trusty old 3GS will last till the SL racing season starts. Can't use my iPhone in virtual racing. So far I haven't seen a virtual tactical device, so it is back to basics. Watch the compass, watch the log, and get your head out of the boat. Sounds like a lotta Fun Fizzin is coming up...


  1. My problem is that I can't find a smart phone that's dumb enough for me.....

  2. I can't get excited about the iPhone 5 as the screen seems small compared to the Galaxy III or HTC one. Also I've a waterproof case for my current iPhone 4.

  3. A smartphone in a waterproof pouch is definitely not usable and not fashionable at all.


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