Friday, September 7, 2012

Destination Paradise IV

I'd better get on with this story while I can still remember the details... If you need to catch up, go read the other posts on Destination Paradise...

So there it was... After sailing for hours and hours we finally reached it, - Coconut Island; As far away as possible. The end of the world. Not as in Ragnarok. This is far more peacefull. This is just where the world ends as in you cannot sail any farther.
Destination Paradise ahead
Perhaps not the true movie version with only sand, palms and crabs, but it looked nice, and there was a pier and a little hut. There was also a powerboat parked at the pier, so we quietly parked the boat and looked around to see if we were alone. Noone there it seemed. This is really far away... Those reefs - top right - in the shot below... they mark the sorta "physical edge" of the virtual world ;-)
Remote secluded far away island
Anyway, there was a hut. Inside the hut we found any sailors best friend; The cocktail bar. Woohoooo. It is funny how thirsty you get from sailing. That goes for virtual sailing too. So here we are... the two of us and two Tequila Sunrise... Yummy... May I never grow too old for those.
XL Tequila Sunrise
Mmmhmm... We sat there for a while just chatting and relaxing. Me, I was a little overwhelmed by the long troublefree sail, - as in no computer trouble. But an island is an island, and as such it must be explored. There's allways a magic spot waiting to be found. I know from the Swedish archipelago. The first taste of that I got at Hallands Väderö. Beautiful place.
A magic spot
It turned out this Island had more than one magic spot... The first one is actually visible on the second image in this post. Here's a closer look; Me and Marin relaxing, enjoying the view... More on that in a future post.

To be continued...
(Continued from Destination Paradise III)

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