Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fizz cup charts

There are other sail simulators out there. Ours is pretty complicated. We build the boats ourselves, we build and place the markers, and then we design an interesting mix of wind, waves and current. However, you are not required to build anything. Just visit a boatyard, pick your favourite boat and you are ready to sail.
These charts are for the Fizz Cup finals this weekend. On the charts you see lines, markers, rounding directions, a few islands plus expected winds. Strength and direction.
This makes it interesting to study and sail the course beforehand... ofcourse the RD makes sure the wind is never quite like shown on the map, but it makes sense to try and work out the optimal route.
As any sailor will know, it's about staying in the strong wind and keeping the angle where the boatspeed is maxed out on the polar. Here's an attempt to draw up a route with maximum speed. Sailing the course like this enables planing almost all the way round. Then there is the current to take into account. It might push you off the route. Yes, there's tactics in this route too. The reaching start is all about getting away into the open, rounding first.

I know they are all out there - right now - trying to get to know the wind and the current. Someone set up a webcam in the Blake Sea. Please.

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