Saturday, April 30, 2011

Momomos race course

The other day I got a note about Momomos new race course. I happened to be online, so I went to Momomos new XBorder Yacht Club, to check it out. Last time I saw it, there was only an island. Now there are piers, a clubhouse with a beautiful terrasse, - and ofcourse the raceline.
Having a coffee at Xborder YC.
Here I am on the terrasse. In the back you see Momomos Netizen and a dude called Deano Kharg. Deano is into customizing hulls and sails; I saw a few hulls, and they're really good. One sample of his work is the tiger-striped Wildwind in the back. I liked the pink flower edition, but the picture I took is crap, so you will have to imagine that. Below you see the tiger with custom sails too.
Deano's custom Wildwind.
In the front my lovely Q2m, which turned out to be perfect for the course. It so happens the course is very much an inshore course, so lotsa tacks needed. Not bad. Not bad at all. Challenging would be a good word. And pretty. There's a lot of islands to pass, and with wind variations and currents you need to stay sharp to stay ahead of the pack. Look closely at the picture, and you'll see a sign with the course and all the islands.
The raft at the line.
Momomos always goes all in, and naturally the raceline has a little extra special Momomos touch. Here I am coming back to the starting / finish line, where Momomos has installed a raft for the RD. It gives the area a sort of back yard feel. I like it. And I like the track. Go try it out, but bring a small boat. You can hardly sail it with one of those AC giants. Q2m is perfect. Flying Fizz or Leetle Cat II would be perfect too.

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