Thursday, March 3, 2016

Make it look like an accident!

This is just sooo funny...
Disclaimer: This is not a political blog. I have very little knowledge of the socalled American democracy. I have even less knowledge of a certain Mr. Trump. Actually I am wondering why this is funny, but I just can't stop laughing... Help!


  1. Its pretty simple really; a certain segment of white America thinks somebody needs to finish what Hitler started. The rest of us are freaking out and trying to remind them what side of that war our grandparents were on...

    Lately when I hear Trump, I can't help but picture the scene in the new Star Wars movie were Vadar's grandson is looking at the old mask and saying something akin to "I'm going to finish what you started."

    Trump's speeches and the things he riles his followers up to do are just way too much like seeing old footage of 1930s Adolph speaking for my comfort level... He's even "accidentally" used the famous hand gesture and he got a little too into the notes he cribbed from those old speeches...

    The target is different this time, so far, but the aim seems the same... rile up a whole nation by using militant bravado and rampant racism against a perceived minority threat(s) and 'dangerous borders'.

    If Trump gets elected we'll probably invade Canada... again... for reasons about as stupid as the last time... and because he's so stupid he'll probably get confused about which direction is Canada and which is Mexico... :)

  2. I guess 007 kinda failed this one...

  3. If the first week in any indication I think Trump, like Tricky Dick Nixon, will end badly. The Republicans seem to need a guy like this every generation or so.


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