Friday, May 1, 2015

Blogging and stuff

To blog or not to blog... I dunno which is more fun: Blogging or playing SL. They are different things yet closely coupled. At least to me. These past few months I haven't had much time to play. Life! First Life that is... I am sure you all know what it is like. Sometimes it is just work, work, work. Luckily it can also be such an immersive experience that there is no time for other immersive experiences. Such as Second Life.
Blogging from Second Life
To be honest there are also times when I need a vacation. That goes for my Second Life too. I know there are other SLers that take time off the grid. Good thing that the real sailing season has started. That always restores balance in my universe. So here's me blogging again and I even went sailing. Tried out Anas International Folksboat. Nice lil thing... Different but nice. More on that soon. Oh, and happy International Workers Day. I will celebrate by sitting on my boat sipping red wine while eating nachos with cheese.
Cheers ;-)


  1. Your words have inspired me to have a shot at this blog malarkey! Thanks for being you! be safe fair winds and warm Waters xxxx

  2. Thanx. Blogging is great fun. Good luck!


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