Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Volkboat II

SL never sleeps. While I've been busy with RL, Ana has been busy building something really cool. Check it out:
Ana's Volkboat
It's a pretty decent piece of work, and it is only version 0.8 or something. This is a little bit exciting. Not only does it look like a very real boat, it will also come with a superinteresting sailing engine, but let's get back to that in a future post...
Shape nailed 
For now I'll just be amazed by the accuratesse of the build. This time it is not the artists impression of a boat. It is a close digital replica. I think Ana nailed the shape pretty good here.
Wish list
Christmas is far away but still... Santa (and Ana too ;-) , this is on my wishlist. Definately. I can't wait to sail this around the northern islands - maybe even dock in Nyhavn and have a virtual beer. Woohoo... it's just like RL, hihihi.

PS: That other Folkboat I saw is here...


  1. At Last!. I love the Folkboat. What a wonderful little boat.

    1. It is wonderful. I have yet to sail it. In RL it is a bit on the slow side. I wonder how Ana will make it sail in SL.

  2. Folkboat, Beetle Cat and Moth Boat--my three favs. Is there a Beetle Cat in SL yet?

    1. Folkboat and Moth? Quite a span, huh :-D I dunno if there is a Beetle Cat in SL, but I'll look for it.


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