Monday, February 3, 2014

I am a sunseeker

I learned something new about my real self this past month. I am a sunseeker. Not that I feel like a mobilhome at sea. Lolz. Let me explain: This january set a really unwanted record. It was the darkest, most sunless month in 45 years. I'll just repeat that: This past january was the darkest month in 45 years!!
Sunseekers paradise
I am only glad I didn't experience the former recordholder month. Never really thought about it, but the sun seems to influence my mood quite a lot. SL to the rescue: It's called Las Islas, and it is a beautiful place. There's all sorts of stuff there, but I'll just focus on the ambiance... it's the most fantastic thing. There's little shops, secret beaches, secluded islands with hammocks, reefs, wildlife and much more... go there and see for yourself...
For a long time, this has been one of my favourites for relaxation and peace of mind after a stressfull workday. However, something was always missing: There was no boats, and no place to launch your own boats. So I wrote to the owners, and asked for that. Boats. Sailing. What happened? Check the picture above.
Laser sailing at ISL
That's a virtual Laser allright. I know exactly what to do with it. Click it, choose board, raise the sails and I am off to the sailing wonderland. Woohooo. This is just what I need in these dark and cold months.
Mind the reef
Las Islas is not a huge area, but there's a handfull of sims. If a sim is 256 x 256 meters thats's a fair amount of sailing area. You do the math, while I dream of having this area attached to on of the major sailing areas: The Blake Sea or the North Sea. I don't have any charts of the North Sea, so that last link is just pictures from there. And of a beautiful little boat.
See the islands
There are many islands to visit. Most of them are small and uninhabitated except for the birds and the flowers. It only takes a few minutes to get there, so you won't have a "cross pond"-experience. It's more of a daysail-thingy with loads of little places to explore. 
See the islands up close
Here's me passing one of the very small islands. In fact it's just a tiny dune sticking up of the water. Let's take an ever closer look! Maybe there's a treasure burried in the sand...
I mean real close
Hoppetihop. It's only knee-deep here. I'll need to drag the boat up the beach or it will take off and be gone. Or get stuck at the edge of the area. Or that's what I thought, hehe. Turns out the owners of Las Islas set something called autoreturn to be pretty fast. In a matter of seconds after I hopped off the Laser, it vanished into thin air. It's a good thing I can swim. (And fly ;-)
My brand new Laser, hehe...
Too bad cause the experience of island hopping sorta gets ruined when you have to go back to start each time you land... Makes sense in a way though. Wouldn't want the place to be littered with abandoned Lasers. Maybe give us a couple of minutes to explore? Still, it's a beautiful sailing area, so bear with me when I post just one more picture that speaks so much to my heart... It's just water, a tiny boat and me - and an island...
Can you feel the urge? I wonder if someone is doing this for real right now... Me? I just need to get out there. Badly.

PS: Ahab made me add this PS with a link to the winter blues.


  1. Yay! Welcome back Noodles. You were gone so long I have been really worried about you. I look forward to more of your blog entries to cheer up my horrid winter blues.

  2. Yeah! Winter blues is what I've got.


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