Friday, January 10, 2014

Hydrobike II

It's been a while since I rode a hydrobike. Several years actually. However, this morning I came across another variant of this class of seagoing vessels, hehe. Palms, sand, sun, sea and waterbike. Just the right cocktail when it is pouring down.
Let's ride!
It's not like I am on a quest for hydrobikes. It's just that this new year continues to be so wet and grey I simply had to go sunseeking... Anyway, I guess it is safe to assume there are tens or maybe hundreds of different hydrobikes available in SL.
Hmm... where to go?
This hydrobike is much more like the classic model I know from the Italian lakes. Two seats, two sets of pedals and a "roof" providing shade from the burning sunrays. The cupholder is non present, which is kinda weird. I thought there was like a universal law saying "Always bring beer on hydrobikes".
Open sea
Crossing the strait seen above would deffo call for a cold beer or two. It's hard work treading these things. Racing is even more fun. For a few minutes or so, hehe. Oh wait.. It's a virtual hydrobike. I can just press the key up to "drive" like a mad... Maybe there's a future for virtual hydrobike racing??
Let's get back on shore
My first hydrobike-post was about a one-seater. I have no idea why, but my stats reveal the post was (still is) very popular in Italy. Go figure... However, let's not get carried away. This is a blog about sailing. I haven't had much time for virtual sailing lately, but I know there are interesting projects underway... J, Fizz, 25, 28. Maybe even kitesailing...

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