Friday, June 7, 2013

New sailing blogs

While I've been busy in RL, - get back to that, SL is still there, still running. Check out this guy, Aeran Stipe. He's chosen to paddle around the waters of SL. There's a few good shots there, and there's charts and the paddlestories of an explorer.
A chart full of familiar names
It is not so much the kayaking, though I'd love to do that in the early morning before going to the office; It's the locations. Aeran seem to have a nose for good locations. I'll pop over there from time to time, and check out, if there's a location that needs to be sailed. With sails ;-)

Then there's Jaspars log. It's here. It kinda looks like a logbook of a happy sailor experiencing the happiness and the opposite of virtual sailing in SL. Good shots and descriptions of places and boats.
Me, - I need to sail too, but right now, the weather is way too good for virtual sailing. Sea ya ;-)

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