Saturday, May 11, 2013

A record broken

Here's a little update on the RL sailing, which is just beginning up here in the cold Scandinavia. It's been a record breaking long winter with loads of snow and frost throughout march and april. Usually the sailing season starts mid april at the latest. This year it was different. This first little photo-mix is from the very last days of april.
Winter still
Hundreds and hundreds of boats on land; Most boat owners haven't even thought about starting the yearly wax on wax off sessions; Even on a cloudy sunday, the marina is completely silent; Like a video on hold. No action at all. No humming from sanders; No trucks moving boats around. Nothing. Only a few landlubbers queuing up at the icecream shoppe. How strange to wander around these sleeping boats...
Summer soon
It's like ten days ago, when everything was in total hibernation. By now we've had a couple of good races; The wind is no more than 12 degrees. The water is around 4. Celsius that is. That's 54 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. No bikinis. Call me crazy, but still... it was worth the wait. So why haven't I been virtual sailing as much as I usually do? Been sneaking around and, - well that's another story...

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