Monday, January 30, 2017

The Trump Issue

Yesterday I received a rather disturbing message from Tradewinds YC in SL. It read: "You've been evicted from the group Tradewinds Yacht Club". Or something. I went "huh!". I knew I hadn't been online much lately, so it couldn't be something I'd done. Today I logged in to see what's going on, and whoa... I found TYC completely littered with signs with all sorts of statements. Check this out:
Signs at TYC...
My first thought was that this was an odd type of griefing. but then I remembered the message. It was actually sent by Tasha herself; Very strange. So all this would be Tasha's idea of a bright lit future for Tradewinds YC? Hmmm. I wandered on and found this:
Another sign at TYC
What's this about? Clearly, someone squeezed way too much lemon in Tasha's tea. Over by the boatshed I found a clickable thingy that gave me a clue. Sort of. It was a message from Tasha explaining - or rather outlining - some recent changes in the TYC Charter. Hmm. Interesting. I walked on and found more signs and posters. How about this one:
And another one...
Yup. She's mad. Not that she's gone mad. More like really angry. Still, the explaining text I found didn't quite point at one particular event or person. It just stated stuff about fairness, equality of races and sexes plus something on global heating. Common sense stuff to most people I'd say, so wtf?? This next banner leaves no doubt what this is about.
And another...
So it is the Trump Issue. I had a feeling it could be that, but I never thought it would move into SL like this. I mean, I've known Tasha for many years, and I have never seen her perform an outburst like this one. The Tasha I know is sweet, sensible and intelligent. What gives...
And another...
Ok, I'll admit that I too am a bit worried by Trumps doings so far. In fact I believe that more than half the world watched in disbelief as he took office. Those tweets during the campaign wasn't just hot steam escaping. However, it's not all bad. I kinda get the idea that everything shouldn't be made in China. Not that I hate the Chinese people or anything. I don't. It just doesn't make sense to produce everything in one place and send it half way across the planet. Besides, it's unbalanced. Also, it seems kinda fair that Europe should do their part of protecting... uhm... Europe. But that's about all there is to like. I totally get the message on the above sign.
And another...
Turns out there is a new TYC group for those able to symphasize with the signs at TYC. I signed up. Thank you Tasha for letting us know that not all Americans are Trumpeteers. We were kinda worried. We still are, but at least now we know that we're not alone.

So what's your thoughts? Is Trump good or bad, or is he somewhere inbetween?

And the British... or should I narrow it down to the English... Where are they in all this? So busy leaving EU that they'll be the next star in the US flag? I sincerely hope not. 


  1. hell NO , time to make Great Britain GREAT again

  2. Seems to me that the once Great Britain is falling to pieces these days. Suppose Wales and Scotland choose to NOT follow England out of the European Union... then what?

  3. As an Englishman living in the US... my take on Trump is not that 100% of his policies are all bad, but that he is totally unable to function as US president because of his zero ex experience in government, his unstable temperament, his petty vindictiveness and his total inability to distinguish facts from lies.

    And my guess is that the UK will break up as a result of Brexit. Time to Make England Great Again!


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