Thursday, May 15, 2014

Secret spots

We all have our secret safe spots; Quiet rooms or mental places to go to when everyday life is too chaotic. In the world known as RL, these zen-spaces has become almost a collectors item. SL is full of those spots, and I love them.
Gotta love those blue colours
Sometimes hard racing can do the job: Clear the mind. Erase worries and stressfactors because it is so immersive. Sometimes a quiet place is more appropriate. For instance it is quite impossible to think straight about something while racing. Except for racing itself of course.
Remote beach
Billionaires can buy an island. Ordinary people cannot. SL comes to rescue. In SL everyone can afford a private island. Even better: It's not even neccesary to own an island for yourself. There's loads of remote beaches with only the view, the ocean sounds and an occasional bird flapping by.
Crazy? Hmm... I don't think so. It's a matter of convenience; Add a bit of imagination maybe ;-) Who'd have time to visit a real remote island once every week? In the virtual world you can have a quiet moment anytime you need it. Had a bad meeting? Need a five minute break with your mind at rest? Just click teleport and you're there. Too weird? Then check how Taru uses whil...


  1. You are in: :)

  2. I am so hooked into 'hard racing, clearing the mind, erase worries and stress factors because it is so immersive'. I am anxious, worried and stressed as I contemplate relieving myself of owning a boat I have cruised and raced for 24 years. Can I have a life after sailing in the FirstLife? Will sailing in the SecondLife be sufficient, even if it is more age-appropriate?

    1. Be aware that by hard racing I mean sailboat racing; I am not referring to the act of sniffing of Hempels Hard Racing. This might have a similar immediate effect: Clearing of the mind. However, it might have side effects such as a complete and permanent brain wipeout.


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